Key Facts

7.87% women in Police

0.00% of personnel vacancy in all women police stations

0.00% of reservation for women introduced in 2016










40 All Women Police Stations

Police Data

Data on police strength and administrative units has been taken from the Data on Police Organization as on 1.1.2019 published by the Bureau of Police Research and Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.  

List of tables

Rank-wise Sanctioned and Actual Strength of Police, Number of Police Units, Police-Population Ratio (Police personnel per lakh of population), Rank-wise Number and Percentage of Women in Police, Number of Police Stations and Districts headed by Women.  

a. Rank-wise sanctioned and actual strength of total police (armed + civil + district armed reserve)

No Rank Sanctioned Actual Vacancy
1 DGP/Spl DGP 10 10 0
2 Addl. DGP 33 25 8
3 IGP 50 38 12
4 DIG 69 33 36
5 AIGP/SSP/SP/Comn 195 154 41
6 Addl. SP/Dy. Comn 97 75 22
7 ASP/DySP 681 567 114
8 Inspector 2179 1467 712
9 Sub-Inspector 10569 6932 3637
10 Assistant Sub-Inspector 21398 13530 7868
11 Head Constable 0 0 0
12 Constable 1,10,430 68,038 42,392
13 Others 5500 5318 182
  Total 1,51,211 96,187 55,204

b.Total number of police units

Police Unit Total Number
Police Zones 3
Police Ranges 9
Police Districts 34
Police sub-Divisions 55
Police Circles 97
Police Stations 601
Police Outposts 466

c. Police-population ratio (Police personnel per lakh of population)

  Sanctioned Actual
Civil Police 100.35 60.83
Total Police 158.23 100.65

d.Rank-wise number and percentage of women in police

No Rank Total Police (Actual) Women Police (Actual) Women Police as % of total police
1 DGP/Spl DGP 10 1 10.00%
2 Addl. DGP 25 0 0.00%
3 IGP 38 4 10.53%
4 DIG 33 2 6.06%
5 AIGP/SSP/SP/Comn 154 15 9.74%
6 Addl. SP/Dy. Comn 75 11 14.67%
7 ASP/DySP 567 34 6.00%
8 Inspector 1467 59 4.02%
9 Sub-Inspector 6932 351 5.06%
10 Assistant Sub-Inspector 13530 402 2.97%
11 Head Constable 0 0 0.00%
12 Constable 68038 6695 9.84%
13 Others 5318 0 0.00%
  Total 96,187 7,574 7.87%

e.Total number of police stations and districts headed by women

Police Units Strength
Total Police Districts 24
Districts headed by women as on 31.07.2016 (specialized police stations) (RTI) 2
Total Police Stations 490
Police Stations headed by Women as on 31.07.2016 (RTI) 34

All Women Police Stations

a. Total Number of All-Women Police Stations

There are 40 All-Women Police Stations in West Bengal located in the following places:

Districts  Number of All Woman Police Stations
North 24 Parganas 2
South 24 Parganas 3
Jhargram Police District 1
Purba Medinipur 2
Hooghly 3
Nadia 2
Jalpaiguri 1
Birbhum 2
Burdwan 1
Malda 1
Darjeeling 2
Paschim Medinipur 2
Purulia 2
Bankura 2
Cooch Behar 2
Dakshin Dinajpur 1
Uttar Dinajpur 1
Murshidabad 2
Howrah (Rural) District 1
Alipurdwar 1
Howrah Police Commissionerate 1
Siliguri Police Commissionerate 1
Barrackpore Police Commissionerate 1
Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate 1
Police Commuisionerate of Asansol Durgapur 2

The All-Women Police Stations have been set up in phases in West Bengal.  Ten WPSs were first set up in 2011 through a notification issued by the Home Department which laid down their mandate, powers and functions.  The remaining All-Women Police Stations were set up gradually between 2014 and 2016.

Notification No 4945-PL/PB/4P-14/11 dated 25 November 2011:  Sets up ten all woman police stations in the districts of Howrah, Barasat, Baruipur, Asansol, Jhargram, Contai, Chinsurah, Krishnanagar, Siliguri and Jalpaiguri.  The mandate of these stations is to register and investigate cases relating to crime against women punishable under the relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (45 of 1860), the Dowry prohibition Act, 1961 (28 of 1961) and the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 (43 of 2005) and other laws for the time being in force.  Notification No 158-PL/PB/4P-14/11 dated 15 January 2014:  Sets up another ten police stations in Birbhum (Suri Women Police), Burdwan, Hooghly (Serempore), Malda, (English Bazar Police Station), South 24 Parganas (Diamond Harbour Police Station), Darjeeling, Barrackpore, Purulia, and Bankura districts.  Notification No 600-PL/PB/4P-14/11 dated 16 February 2015:  Sets up ten police stations in Cooch Behar, Dakshin Dinajpur (Balurghat Women police station), Purba Medinipur (Haldia Women Police Station ), Uttar Dinajopur (Raiganj Bazar Police Station), Bidhannagar Commissionerate (Bidhannagar Police Station), Pashim Medinipur (Kharagpur Police Station), Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate (Durgapur Police Station), Howrah (Uluberia Police Station ) and Hooghly (Arambagh Police Station) districts.  Notification No. 400-PL/PB/4P-14/11 (Pt.-IV) dated 08 February 2016:  Sets up ten police stations in North 24 Parganas (Bongaon Police Station), Mushidabad (Jangipur Police Station), Nadia (Ranaghat Police Station), Darjeeling (Kalimpong Police Station), Bankura (Khatra Police Station) Purulia (Raghunathpur Police Station), South 24 Parganas (Canning Police Station) Alipurdwar (Alipurdwar Police Station) and Cooch Berar (Dinhata Police Station) districts.

b. Rank-wise sanctioned and actual strength of personnel in each All-Women Police Station

Information related to sanctioned and actual rank-wise strength of women police posted in all woman police station has been denied under Section 8 (1) j of the RTI Act and Department of Personnel and Administration, Government of West Bengal notification No 541-PAR (AR) dated 29 August 2006 in relation to deployment of police force.

c. Mandate, functions and powers

In 2012, the West Bengal directorate laid down important functions and duties of All-Women Police Stations through a dated 28 March as they felt the specialized units were not functioning properly.  The functions include investigation of cases, compilation of data on crime against women, visiting girls’ institutions and raising awareness, liaison with District Protection Officer to handle cases on domestic violence, coordinate with the women’s commission and other related activities.

d. Evaluation of All-Women Police Stations

Evaluation of performance is done in accordance with Police Order No. 3 dated 28 March, 2012 Order that states “output of these new Police Stations must be assessed and quantified by all units as well as the Police Directorate on monthly basis.  Additional Inspector General of Police (s) will draft a standard proforma and send the same to all units for taking necessary action.  He will also compile the monthly performance profiles received in such proforma from the SP and place a consolidated report to DGP through (the) Inspector General of Police and Additional Director General of Police (A), West Bengal.


a. Overall percentage of reservation for women in police and the ranks to which the sanctioned reservation applies

The office of the IGP (A) in the West Bengal Police Directorate replied that there was no provision for reservation for women in the West Bengal Police.

b. Policy for achieving the reservation percentage

Not applicable.


a. Existence of separate cadre for men and women

The police department in West Bengal doesn’t have a separate cadre for men and women.

b. Induction of women in posts where direct recruitment takes place

As per the response to the RTI application, women are inducted in all the ranks between Deputy Superintendent of Police and Constable for which direct recruitment takes place.

c. Special outreach steps or programmes taken by the department to recruit women

The IGs office has replied that no record pertaining to this subject is available on record in their office.

Transfer and Posting

a. Special norms on postings and transfer exclusively for women in police at all ranks from Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable

There are no special norms for postings and transfer exclusively for women police from the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable.

b. Special norms for promotion for women in police at all ranks from Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable

There are no special norms for promotion exclusively for women police from the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable.

Women & Child Helpdesk

a. Constitution of Women and Child Help Desks

Information received from the SSP office, CID, West Bengal states that the Women and Child Help Desks have been set up in each police station of the state.  The Women and Child Help Desks that have been set up in each police station in the state are required to be staffed only by women.

b. Mandate, functions and powers of Women and Child Help Desks

The SSP office in the headquarters (CID Department) has stated that their office does not have information about any notification/circular and standing orders laying down the mandate, functions and powers assigned to Women and Child Help Desks.  The Inspector General of Police (A) WB) in the West Bengal Police Directorate in their reply has said that no information on record is available on instructions issued in the state of West Bengal in relation to duties to be exclusively performed by women police.

c. Rank and gender-wise strength of Women and Child Help Desks

The rank of officers that are designated to staff the Women and Child Help Desks are Sub-Inspector/Lady Sub Inspector/Asst Sub-Inspector/Lady Asst Sub-Inspector/Lady Constable.


a. Training Policy for different ranks

The training police differs across different ranks.  The response has directed us to which provides the detailed syllabus for training of different ranks (DySPs, SIs and Constables).

b. Joint or separate training for men and women

The training curriculum is the same for both men and women.  However, in the outdoor training curriculum, a different level of physical efficiency is prescribed for men and women.

c. Special facilities for women in training institutions

As per the response, there is no specific order with regards to creating special facilities for women in training academies.

d. Gender-wise break up of faculty at training institutions

The existing sanctioned strength of the faculty is 222 and the actual strength is 184 but the gender-wise break up has not been provided.

Maternity & Child Care Leave

a. Maternity Leave

West Bengal provides 180 days leave subject to the existing terms and conditions specified in Rule 199 of WBSR –Part 1 for all police personnel of the state cadre from the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable.

b. Child Care Leave

West Bengal provides 730 days provided the children are minor and for taking care up to 2 children for all police personnel of the state cadre from the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable.

Budget for Women Police

a. Total Police Budget

The West Bengal Police Directorate in a memo No. 1041-EQ/MOD-72/2015 dated 5 October, 2016 issued by IGP (Mod & Coord) provided the following information:

Financial Year Amount (Rs) %increase from previous year
2013-2014 ########### -
2014-2015 ########### 9.69
2015-2016 ########### 18.52

b. Allocation for women from the state police budget

No information received.

c. Allocation for women under the Modernization of Police Force Scheme

This section provides information specifically on allocation for women police personnel under the Modernization of Police Force Scheme, a central scheme administered by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, and aimed at assisting states in strengthening police infrastructure.  Under MPF, allocations are made under Non-Plan head, which covers mobility, weapons, equipment, training equipment, and forensic equipment, and under Plan head, which covers construction of police stations/outposts/lines, police housing, forensic science laboratories and training infrastructure.  To receive funds under the scheme, states have to submit a State Action Plan including proposals under Non-Plan and Plan heads, and a Supplementary Action Plan constituting 20% of both Non-Plan and Plan heads of the main plan.  The supplementary plans are to be operationalized for additional fund allocation at the Revised Estimate (RE) stage and are subject to furnishing of utilization certificates and availability of funds.

In 2014, the MHA issued an advisory requesting the states to include proposals specifically on improving facilities for women police while submitting their annual state action plan under the MPF scheme.  The proposals were to prioritize amenities such as separate toilet facilities, restrooms, and lockable shelf storage in all new police stations, outposts and barracks proposed under the MPF scheme.

Under the Modernization of Police Force Scheme for the Financial Year 2013-14, Rs 4,62,24,000 was sanctioned for construction of Female Police Barracks with toilets for 340 heads.  Under the modernization scheme for the Financial Year 2014-15, the budgetary sanction was increased to Rs 6,68,66,755 for construction of Female Police Barracks for 290 heads.  There was no such sanction in the Modernization of Police Force Scheme for the Financial Year 2015-16.  Additionally, Rs.10 crore was sanctioned for construction of 100 restrooms/ changing rooms and toilets in 100 Police Stations for women police officer under the modernization scheme.

The Copy of State Action Plans including Plan and Non Plan for years 2014-2015, 2015-2016 and for the year 2016-2017 was not provided.

New Developments

No information available.