Key Facts

7.66% women in Police

0.00% of personnel vacancy in all women police stations

0.00% of reservation for women introduced in 2016


0 All Women Police Stations

Police Data

Data on police strength and administrative units has been taken from the Data on Police Organization as on 1.1.2019 published by the Bureau of Police Research and Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.  

List of tables

Rank-wise Sanctioned and Actual Strength of Police, Number of Police Units, Police-Population Ratio (Police personnel per lakh of population), Rank-wise Number and Percentage of Women in Police, Number of Police Stations and Districts headed by Women.  

a.Rank-wise sanctioned and actual strength of police (armed + civil + district armed reserve)

No Rank Sanctioned Actual Vacancy
1 DGP/Spl DGP 1 1 0
2 Addl. DGP 0 0 0
3 IGP 1 1 0
4 DIG 0 1 -1
5 AIGP/SSP/SP/Comn 25 15 10
6 Addl. SP/Dy. Comn 3 1 2
7 ASP/DySP 7 4 3
8 Inspector 75 69 6
9 Sub-Inspector 299 122 177
10 Assistant Sub-Inspector 119 69 50
11 Head Constable 781 708 73
12 Constable 2982 2355 627
13 Others 169 112 57
  Total 4,462 3,458 1,004

b.Total number of police units

Police Unit Total Number
Police Zones 0
Police Ranges 0
Police Districts 2
Police sub-Divisions 8
Police Circles 12
Police Stations 54
Police Outposts 8

c.Police-Population Ratio (Police personnel per lakh of population)

  Sanctioned Actual
Civil Police 143.31 107.89
Total Police 242.76 188.14

d.Rank-wise number and percentage of women in police

No Rank Total Police (Actual) Women Police (Actual) Women Police as % of total police
1 DGP/Spl DGP 1 1 100.00%
2 Addl. DGP 0 0 0.00%
3 IGP 1 0 0.00%
4 DIG 1 0 0.00%
5 AIGP/SSP/SP/Comn 15 3 20.00%
6 Addl. SP/Dy. Comn 1 0 0.00%
7 ASP/DySP 4 0 0.00%
8 Inspector 69 0 0.00%
9 Sub-Inspector 122 12 9.84%
10 Assistant Sub-Inspector 69 0 0.00%
11 Head Constable 708 43 6.07%
12 Constable 2355 206 8.75%
13 Others 112 0 0.00%
  Total 3458 265 7.66%

e.Total number of police stations and districts headed by women

Police Units Strength
Total Police Districts 1
Districts headed by women as on 31.07.2016 (specialized police stations) (RTI) SDPO, 1 SP
Total Police Stations  
Police Stations headed by Women as on 31.07.2016 (RTI) 1

All Women Police Stations

a. Total number of All-Women Police Station

There are 3 All-Women Police Stations in Puducherry.

b. Rank-wise sanctioned and actual strength of police personnel in each All-Women Police Station

  Inspector Sub-Inspector ASI Head Constables Constables
PS Sanctioned Actual Sanctioned Actual sanctioned Actual  Sanctioned Actual Sanctioned  Actual
AWPS, Puducherry No Sanctioned Strength 0 No Sanctioned Strength 2 No Sanctioned Strength 0 No Sanctioned Strength 2 No Sanctioned Strength 14
AWPS, Villianur District No Sanctioned Strength 0 1 1 No Sanctioned Strength 0 2 4 5 9
AWPS, Karaikkal District No Sanctioned Strength 0 1 1 No Sanctioned Strength 0 2 1 4 6
  No Sanctioned Strength 0 2 400%   0 4 7 9 29
TOTAL     4 8     8 14 18 58

c. Mandate, functions and powers

In addition to the normal tasks of crime investigation, certain specific duties are expected to be performed by the All-Women Police Stations.  These are as follows.

  • Registration and investigation of all dowry related cases;
  • Providing of family counselling in domestic disputes and guidance services to women and children prone to exploitation, family discord and maladjustment;
  • Enquiry into all petitions preferred by or on behalf of women;
  • Registration and investigation of complaints of crime against women;
  • Initiation of special drives against eve-teasing;
  • Registration and investigation of cases involving women either as accused or complainant which are referred to the “All-Women Police Stations” by the Inspector General of Police or the senior Superintendent of Police, and
  • Providing guard and escort for female prisoners”

Standing Order No: 61/96

Date: 26/02/1996

Issued by: S.R Choudhury, Director General of Police (Puducherry)

d. Evaluation of All-Women Police Stations

No information has been provided by the police department regarding the evaluation of the performance of All-Women Police Stations.


a. Overall percentage of reservation for women in police and the ranks to which the sanctioned reservation applies

Puducherry provides 33% reservation for women at the rank of Police Constables.

b. Policy for achieving the reservation percentage

This was introduced via the Police Constables Recruitment (Amendment) Rules 2015 notified by the home department on __ 2015. Puducherry does not have separation of civil police and armed police.

An amendment has been made to the Recruitment Rules to extend 33% reservation for the post Sub-Inspector which has been sent for approval to the Union Public Service Commission.

The police department has undertaken certain measures to ensure that the reservation percentage is achieved, including relaxed physical standards regarding running, high jump, and long jump for women.  This is to incentivize women to apply, thereby increasing the strength of women in the force.


a. Existence of separate cadre for men and women

The police department in Puducherry doesn’t have a separate cadre for men and women, there’s only one common cadre.

b. Induction of women in posts where direct recruitment takes place

Direct recruitments only take place for the posts of Police Constables and Sub-Inspectors and women are inducted in both of them.

c. Special outreach steps or programmes taken by the department to recruit women

No measures other than the relaxation of the physical standards that are applicable to women for the post of Police Constable have been taken.  These include relaxed physical standards in regard to running, high jump and long jump.

Transfer and Posting

a. Special norms on postings and transfer exclusively for women in police at all ranks from Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable

The Puducherry Police Department does not have any special norms for postings and transfer of women police personnel.

b. Special norms for promotion for women in police at all ranks from Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable

The Pudvherry Police Department does not have any separate norm for promotion of women.

Women & Child Helpdesk

a. Constitution of Women and Child Help Desks

Women and Child Help Desks have been set up in all police stations in all the Karaikal South and North districts as well as in Mahe district.  In both districts the Women and Child Help desks consist only of women personnel.

b. Mandate, functions and powers of Women and Child Help Desks

No departmental notification/memorandum/ standing order/ notification has been issued laying down the mandate and powers of the Women and Child Help Desks.

c. Rank and gender-wise strength of Women and Child Help Desks

In the Karaikal South district the women’s help desk is manned by a women head constable and the Station House Officer is the Child Welfare Officer, whereas in the Mahe district, one women police constable has been assigned to the Mahila and Child Help desks in each police station.


a. Training Policy for different ranks

No response received.

b. Joint or separate training for men and women

There are no separate training routines for men and women.  All training is common to both.

c. Special facilities for women in training institutions

No response received.

d. Gender-wise break up of faculty at training institutions

S. No. Training academy Present faculty training
    Male  Female
1.         Police Training School, Puducherry 13 12

The Police Training Academy has a gender break up of 13 male officers and 12 female officers.

Gender Sensitization course

The RTI states that there is no need for a gender sensitization course in the institute.

Maternity & Child Care Leave

a. Maternity Leave

The period of leave given to women police officers from Deputy Superintendent to Police Constable as Maternity Leave is 180 days.

b. Child Care Leave

The period of leave given to women police officers from Deputy Superintendent to Police Constable as Child Care Leave is 730 days.

Budget for Women Police

a. Total Police Budget

Financial Year Amount (in crore Rs) %increase from previous year
2013-2014 136  
2014-2015 164.49 20.95
2015-2016 171.66 4.36

b. Allocation for women from the state police budget

There is no exclusive budget allocated for women police in the state police budget.

c. Allocation for women under the Modernization of Police Force Scheme

The Modernization of Police Force Scheme has not been in force in Puducherry for the years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17.

Even though there has been no specific notification or order laying down special provisions for women (such as separate toilets in police stations) nor is there a specific allocation for women in the state police budget, as per the information provided in response to the RTI application, the necessary infrastructure of separate restrooms and toilets has been provided for women in all police stations.

New Developments

No information available.