Key Facts

4.94% women in Police

265.00% of personnel vacancy in all women police stations

0.00% of reservation for women introduced in 2016



2 All Women Police Stations

Police Data

Data on police strength and administrative units has been taken from the Data on Police Organization as on 1.1.2019 published by the Bureau of Police Research and Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.  

List of tables

Rank-wise Sanctioned and Actual Strength of Police, Number of Police Units, Police-Population Ratio (Police personnel per lakh of population), Rank-wise Number and Percentage of Women in Police, Number of Police Stations and Districts headed by Women.  

a. Rank-wise sanctioned and actual strength of total police (armed + civil + district armed reserve)

No Rank Sanctioned Actual Vacancy
1 DGP/Spl DGP 1 1 0
2 Addl. DGP 2 2 0
3 IGP 13 13 0
4 DIG 21 21 0
5 AIGP/SSP/SP/Comn 74 74 0
6 Addl. SP/Dy. Comn 157 157 0
7 ASP/DySP 360 341 19
8 Inspector 532 531 1
9 Sub-Inspector 1088 1045 43
10 Assistant Sub-Inspector 352 331 21
11 Head Constable 6329 6735 -406
12 Constable 22319 23105 -786
13 Others 0 0 0
  Total 31,248 32,356 -1108

b. Total number of police units

Police Unit Total Number
Police Zones 1
Police Ranges 3
Police Districts 11
Police sub-Divisions 16
Police Circles 9
Police Stations 78
Police Outposts 23

c. Police-population ratio (Police personnel per lakh of population)

  Sanctioned Actual
Civil Police 230.61 240.83
Total Police 1278.56 1323.90

d. Rank-wise number and percentage of women in police

No Rank Total Police (Actual) Women Police (Actual) Women Police as % of total police
1 DGP/Spl DGP 1 0 0.00%
2 Addl. DGP 2 0 0.00%
3 IGP 13 1 7.69%
4 DIG 21 2 9.52%
5 AIGP/SSP/SP/Comn 74 10 13.51%
6 Addl. SP/Dy. Comn 157 9 5.73%
7 ASP/DySP 341 12 3.52%
8 Inspector 531 9 1.69%
9 Sub-Inspector 1045 57 5.45%
10 Assistant Sub-Inspector 331 35 10.57%
11 Head Constable 6735 276 4.10%
12 Constable 23105 1186 5.13%
13 Others 0 0 0.00%
  Total 32,356 1,597 4.94%

e. Total number of police stations and districts headed by women

Police Units Strength
Total Police Districts 11
Districts headed by women as on 31.07.2016 (RTI) 0
Total Police Stations 74
Police Stations headed by Women as on 31.07.2016 (RTI) 0

All Women Police Stations

a. Total Number of All-Women Police Station

There are 2 All Women Police stations in Nagaland.  The Home Department issued a notification declaring the existing women cell at Kohima and Dimapur as full-fledged All Women Police Station dated 30th August 2016.

(Notification No. POL-1/ESTT/507/99 

b. Rank-wise sanctioned and actual strength of personnel in each All-Women Police Station

c. Mandate, functions and powers

The mandate as per the notification of these All-Women Police Stations is for registration of criminal cases and investigating criminal cases. The Women Police Station at Dimapur and Kohima are to cover the whole of Kohima and Dimapur districts respectively.  

d. Evaluation of All-Women Police Stations

No attempts towards evaluation of the All-Women Police Stations have been made so far. 


a. Overall percentage of reservation for women in police and the ranks to which the sanctioned reservation applies

There is no reservation for women in Nagaland police. But the state has created certain sanctioned posts for women in the civil police and Armed Mahila Battalion Nagaland.  The Home Department issued a letter No. POL-1/ESTT/507/99 dated 2nd November 2007 for creation of 99 posts of Women Police against Police Stations on the sanction to create 99 posts of women Police against Police Station in each districts as follows:

The plan as per Annexure to the letter No. POL-1/ESTT/507/99 is as follows:

Sl. No Name of Posts Category of Posts No. of Posts Pay scale
1 SI Class-III 1 (One) Rs. 4500-125-7000/- PM
2 ASI Class-III 1 (One) Rs. 4000-100-6000/- PM
3 THC Class-III 1 (One) Rs. 3200-85-4900 PM
4 UBC Class-IV 6 (Six) Rs. 2750-70-3800-75-4400/- PM 

c. Policy for achieving the reservation percentage

As there is no laid down reservation policy, they do not have specific steps for recruitment of women except for the above mentioned.


a. Existence of separate cadre for men and women.

There is no separate cadre for Women Police.  However, separate sanctioned post for women police in the ranks of SI and below exists in which only women police.  The separate sanctioned posts rank-wise are as follows:- (i) Sub-Inspector (ii) Asst. Sub-Inspector (iii) Head Constable (iv) Constable.

c. Induction of women in posts where direct recruitment takes place.

Direct recruitments take place for all ranks between DySP and Constable and women are inducted in all of them.

Additionally, Nagaland Armed Police set up a Mahila Battalion (15nth NAP IR). See notification No. POL/ESTT./49/2003 dated 22nd December 2008 

d. Special outreach steps or programmes taken by the department to recruit women

No measures mentioned, except that there are separate sanctioned posts for recruitment of women police.

Transfer and Posting

a. Special norms on postings and transfer exclusively for women in police at all ranks from Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable

There are no special norms for posting and transfer of women police in Nagaland Police.

b. Special norms for promotion exclusively for women in police at all ranks from Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable

There are no special norms for promotion of women police in Nagaland Police.

Women & Child Helpdesk

a. Constitution of Women and Child Help Desks

No Women and Child Help Desks have been set up in Nagaland.

However, they have set up a Women Cell in the East police station Dimapur. On 10 April 2012, the Home Department issued a letter (NO.POL1/ESTT/507/99) approving the setting up of Women Cell at Dimapur East Police Station.  The cell is to have one Inspector, two Sub-Inspectors, two Assistant Sub-Inspectors, two Head Constables and eight constables drawn from existing sanctioned staff of the Police Department including the Women Police Personnel of the establishment of IGP (Int) who were to be selected by the DGP as per their suitability.

b. Mandate, functions and Powers of Women and Child Help Desks

Not applicable.

c. Rank and gender-wise strength of Women and Child Help Desks

Not applicable.


a. Training Policy for different ranks

Nagaland does not have a training policy laid down for different ranks of Police personnel.

b. Joint or separate training for men and women

The Training for both men and women is same at basic level police training.

c. Special facilities for women in training institutions

Separate barricaded barracks along with separate toilets have been provided for female trainees.

d. Gender-wise breakup of faculty at training institutions

Sl No. Gender Indoor Outdoor Total
    Permanent Attachment Permanent Attachment  
1 Male 600.00% 3 1700.00% 32 58
2 Female 2 Nil Nil 9 11
Total 8 3 1700.00% 41 69

Details of subjects allotted to indoor instructors can be accessed here: RTI reply No/. PHQ (CON-II) 185/2015-16/359 dated 29th September 2016 on Training.

Gender Sensitization: Gender sensitization training is imparted to ASI and Constables during their training.  Unlike other states, Nagaland has not provided us with a copy of their syllabus.

Maternity & Child Care Leave

a. Maternity Leave

Nagaland provides 90 days of maternity leave to all personnel of state cadre from the rank of deputy superintendent of police to constable. During such period, she shall be paid leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave as per RTI reply No. PHQ (CON-II) 185/RTI/2015-16/360 dated 29th September 2016.

b. Child Care Leave

Nagaland does not provide child care leave for women police in Nagaland.

Budget for Women Police

a. Total Police Budget

Financial Year Amount (in lakhs Rs) %increase from previous year
2013-2014 94602.37 -
2014-2015 102967.03 8.84%
2015-2016 107618.49 4.51%

b. Allocation for women from the state police budget


c. Allocation for women under the Modernization of Police Force Scheme

This section provides information specifically on allocation for women police personnel under the Modernization of Police Force Scheme, a central scheme administered by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, and aimed at assisting states in strengthening police infrastructure.  Under MPF, allocations are made under Non-Plan head, which covers mobility, weapons, equipment, training equipment, and forensic equipment, and under Plan head, which covers construction of police stations/outposts/lines, police housing, forensic science laboratories and training infrastructure.  To receive funds under the scheme, states have to submit a State Action Plan including proposals under Non-Plan and Plan heads, and a Supplementary Action Plan constituting 20% of both Non-Plan and Plan heads of the main plan.  The supplementary plans are to be operationalized for additional fund allocation at the Revised Estimate (RE) stage and are subject to furnishing of utilization certificates and availability of funds.

Under the Scheme, the States are grouped into two categories, namely Category ‘A’ and Category ‘B’ for the purpose of funding both under ‘Non-Plan’ and Plan.  Category ‘A’ States, namely, J&K and 8 North Eastern States including Sikkim will be eligible to receive financial assistance on 90:10 Centre: State sharing basis.  The remaining States will be in Category ‘B’ and will be eligible for financial assistance on 60:40 Centre:  State sharing basis.

In 2014, the MHA issued an advisory requesting the states to include proposals specifically on improving facilities for women police while submitting their annual state action plan under the MPF scheme.  The proposals were to prioritize amenities such as separate toilet facilities, rest rooms, and lockable shelf storage in all new police stations, outposts and barracks proposed under the MPF scheme.

The following table provides details of Nagaland’s Annual Action Plan for the past three financial years:

Financial Year Plan (Rs. in lakhs) Total  Allocation for Women Police Allocation in %
    Plan Non-Plan      
2014-2015 State Action Plan 181900.00% 1101.65 2920.65 - -
  Supplementary Plan 32740.00% 199.2 526.6 - -
2015-2016 State Action Plan - 1107 1107 - -
  Supplementary Plan - 199.44 199.44 - -
2016-2017 State Action Plan - 1107 1107 - -
  Supplementary Plan - 199.22 199.22 - -

d. State Action Plans – Nagaland (2014-2015, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017)

In the past three years Nagaland did not have any specific allocation for women police.                

New Developments

No information available.