Key Facts

12.96% women in Police

0.00% of personnel vacancy in all women police stations

30.00% of reservation for women introduced in 2016


0 All Women Police Stations

Police Data

Data on police strength and administrative units has been taken from the Data on Police Organization as on 1.1.2019 published by the Bureau of Police Research and Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.  

List of tables

Rank-wise Sanctioned and Actual Strength of Police, Number of Police Units, Police-Population Ratio (Police personnel per lakh of population), Rank-wise Number and Percentage of Women in Police, Number of Police Stations and Districts headed by Women.  

a. Rank-wise sanctioned and actual strength of police (armed + civil + district armed reserve)

No Rank Sanctioned Actual Vacancy
1 DGP/Spl DGP 8 8 0
2 Addl. DGP 33 25 8
3 IGP 52 37 15
4 DIG 48 37 11
5 AIGP/SSP/SP/Comn 281 261 20
6 Addl. SP/Dy. Comn 74 70 4
7 ASP/DySP 965 620 345
8 Inspector 8699 6947 1752
9 Sub-Inspector 11534 9373 2161
10 Assistant Sub-Inspector 20470 16255 4215
11 Head Constable 88859 80028 8831
12 Constable 110790 99721 11069
13 Other 0 0 0
  Total 2,41,813 2,13,382 28,431

b. Total number of police units

Police Unit Total Number
Police Zones 36
Police Ranges 8
Police Districts 37
Police sub-Divisions 386
Police Circles 0
Police Stations 1,163
Police Outposts 1,885

c. Police-population ratio (Police personnel per lakh of population)

  Sanctioned Actual
Civil Police 164.73 145.36
Total Police 195.39 172.42

d. Rank-wise number and percentage of women in police

No Rank Total Police (Actual) Women Police (Actual) Women Police as % of total police
1 DGP/Spl DGP 8 0 0.00%
2 Addl. DGP 25 2 8.00%
3 IGP 37 0 0.00%
4 DIG 37 1 2.70%
5 AIGP/SSP/SP/Comn 261 38 14.56%
6 Addl. SP/Dy. Comn 70 0 0.00%
7 ASP/DySP 620 61 9.84%
8 Inspector 6947 637 9.17%
9 Sub-Inspector 9373 1022 10.90%
10 Assistant Sub-Inspector 16255 230 1.41%
11 Head Constable 80028 6235 7.79%
12 Constable 99721 19434 19.49%
13 Others 0 0 0.00%
  Total 2,13,382 27,660 12.96%

e. Total number of police stations and districts headed by women

Police Units Strength
Total Police Districts 36
Districts headed by women as on 31.07.2016 (RTI) Information not received
Total Police Stations 1,118
Police Stations headed by Women as on 31.07.2016 (RTI) Information not received

All Women Police Stations

a. Total Number of All-Women Police Stations

As per the response to the RTI application, all women Police Stations have not been approved yet.  Hence, there are no All Women Police Stations established for the state of Maharashtra.

b. Rank-wise sanctioned and actual strength in All Women Police Stations

Not applicable.

c. Mandate, functions and powers

Not applicable.

d. Evaluation of All-Women Police Stations

Not applicable.


a. Overall Percentage of reservation for Women in Police and the ranks to which the sanctioned reservation applies

According to the Section 8(ii) of the police constables recruitment rules 2011 provided by the home department order no. RCT-0311/CR-228/Pol-5A dated 16.6.2011 (H.2), 30% of the total posts available for the post of Police Constable have been reserved for women.

There are no provisions regarding reservation of women, while promoting them from the post of Unarmed Assistant Police Inspector/police sub Inspector to the post of Assistant police inspector/Police Inspector.

b. Policy for achieving the reservation percentage

The aforementioned reservation will be governed by terms and conditions that are in consonance with Government Resolution No. 82/2001/MSA-2000/CR-415/Desk-2 which is dated 25th May, 2001 apart from any subsequent orders that may be issued by the government.

No information been provided regarding the policy drawn up for achieving sanctioned reservation.


a. Existence of separate cadre for men and women.

There is a common cadre for men and women in the Maharashtra State Police Force.

b. Whether induction of women takes place in posts where direct recruitment exists.

The query was not explicitly answered.  A document showing the strength of women police from the post of DGP to police constable was enclosed.

c. Special outreach steps or programmes taken by the department to recruit women

DGP office has responded that information on special outreach steps to recruit women does not relate to their office.

Maharashtra government issued police constables recruitment rules, 2011 laying down procedure for recruitment to the post of constables.  It has special provisions for recruitment in the naxal affected areas.  It also provides relaxation in height/physical test for female candidates.  Details given in document- home department order no. RCT-0311/CR-228/Pol-5A dated 16.6.2011 (H.6).

Transfer and Posting

a. Special norms on postings and transfer exclusively for women in police at all ranks from Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable

There are no special norms regarding transfer and posting for men and women.  Transfer of all men and women police commonly made as per rules issued by the Government of Maharashtra vide Maharashtra Ordinance No. II of 2015.  Another ordinance was made to amend Maharashtra Police Act regarding the same published on 16.2.2015.  There are no separate rules for women police except the above provision.

b. Special norms for promotion for Women in Police at all ranks from Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable

There are no separate special rules regarding promotion of women police sub Inspectors /Inspectors/Unarmed Women Assistant Police Inspector in the Maharashtra State Police.

Women & Child Helpdesk

a. Constitution of Women and Child Help Desks

The Maharashtra Government by circular no. Po/M/S/23/54/Justice Dharamadhikari committee/ 333/2012, Mumbai dated 3/10/2012(H.4) has granted in principal approval for establishing an independent “Ladies Police Cell” in every police station of Maharashtra.

The constitution of the same is as follows- For Police Commissioner’s Office.  As far as possible the cell will be headed by a women police personnel of the rank of Inspector, Assistant Police Inspector or Sub-Inspector.  In addition to the head there will be 5 female personnel and 2 male personnel For District Police Units.  Provided there is availability, the Ladies Police Cell will be headed by a women police personnel of the rank of Inspector, Assistant Police Inspector, Sub-Inspector or Police Constable.  In addition to the head there will be 3 female personnel and 2 male personnel.

The local acting police chief can bring about changes to the internal composition of the Ladies Police Cell but at no point of time can the number of officers and employees be reduced to below what is mandated.

The duties of the Ladies Police Cell have been laid down as follows- “An independent written record of all cases registered by the cell must be maintained; A lady police sub inspector/ lady constable will record all cases and carry out the investigation; The following officers will register the cases and record the statements of the witnesses Wherever a lady sub-inspector is available she will do the above.  If no lady sub-inspector is available, the other officer register the incidents reported in presence of a lady constable or sepoy; The lady officers of the cell have the authority to investigate the offences committed against women and children; All offences registered against women in the police station should be investigated by ladies police cell. If a female convict is arrested, throughout her custody she will always be accompanied by a lady sepoy; Any female victim who comes to the police station to register a complaint in connection with a crime committed against women must be treated in a courteous manner.”

b. Mandate, functions and Powers of Women and Child Help Desks

No further information.

c. Rank and gender-wise strength of Women and Child Help Desks

No further information.


a. Training Policy for different ranks

No information has been provided regarding training policy for different ranks.

b. Joint or separate training for men and women

No information has been provided regarding joint or separate training for men and women.

c. Separate Facilities for women in training institutions

No information has been provided regarding separate facilities for women in training institutions.

d. Gender-wise break up of faculty at training institutions

There is a total of 2748 faculty and staff at the 11th Police Training Centre and a total of 478 faculties and staff at the Maharashtra Police Academy at Nashik.  Total 478 faculties and staff sanctioned for indoor and outdoor training.  On an average each faculty member teaches 3-4 periods a day, no specific information regarding course material was provided.

(H.5) table about gender wise break-up of faculty in letter no. training/3/training session-2016/331/2016-3397 mumbai dated 27.07.2016

Gender Sensitization Course

A three day gender sensitization course is organized for Police Inspectors and Assistant Police Inspector at the Maharashtra Police Academy at Nashik.

Gender sensitization module consists of the following:

Gender sensitization. Gender equality, important constitutional and legal provisions of women, special Initiatives for women participation in economy and decision making, crime against women, gender bias in police investigation with case studies IPC, IT Act, PITA Act, 1956 related minor Acts Role of judiciary in gender sensitization and crime against women, sexual harassment of working place guidelines of supreme court Violation of Rights of women and Important citations, verdicts, judgments Measures needed to curb crime against woman Protection of human rights, role of NGO, press, NCW and NHRC/ SHRC.

Maternity & Child Care Leave

The period of leave given to women police officers from Deputy Superintendent to Police Constable, as Maternity and Child Care Leave is as follows:

a. Maternity Leave

Leave of 180 days available for women police personnel, as per govt. Of Maharashtra, G.R. finance department no. ARJ-1409/CR 8/09/seva-6 dated 24/8/2009, as maternity leave.

b. Child Care Leave

There is no specific provision for women police belonging to state cadre for all ranks from DSP to constable.  Child Care leave is not available/permitted to Unarmed Police Inspector in the State Cadre, as per the Maharashtra Civil Service Leave.

Budget for Women Police

a. Total Police Budget from 2013-2016.

No information was provided regarding the year wise break up for the Maharashtra Police Budget.

b. Allocation for women from the state police budget

No information was provided regarding the allocation for women from the state police budget.  

c. Allocation for women under the Modernization of Police Force scheme

This section provides information specifically on allocation for women police personnel under the Modernization of Police Force Scheme, a central scheme administered by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, and aimed at assisting states in strengthening police infrastructure.  Under MPF, allocations are made under Non-Plan head, which covers mobility, weapons, equipment, training equipment, and forensic equipment, and under Plan head, which covers construction of police stations/outposts/lines, police housing, forensic science laboratories and training infrastructure.  To receive funds under the scheme, states have to submit a State Action Plan including proposals under Non-Plan and Plan heads, and a Supplementary Action Plan constituting 20% of both Non-Plan and Plan heads of the main plan.  The supplementary plans are to be operationalized for additional fund allocation at the Revised Estimate (RE) stage and are subject to furnishing of utilization certificates and availability of funds.

In 2014, the MHA issued an advisory requesting the states to include proposals specifically on improving facilities for women police while submitting their annual state action plan under the MPF scheme.  The proposals were to prioritize amenities such as separate toilet facilities, rest rooms, and lockable shelf storage in all new police stations, outposts and barracks proposed under the MPF scheme.

As per the decision No.PEQ-0214/ P.No 155-4 (dated 13.11.2014.) taken by the Home Department of the Maharashtra Government, Rs. 3698.28 Lakh has been sanctioned for the construction of rest rooms with toilet facilities specifically for women personnel in police stations and modernization of police force.  This has been allocated from a larger layout of Rs. 19277.80 lakh for the Out of the Rs. 3698.28 lakh rupees, 60% is being funded by the Central Governments Share (Rs.2254.08 Lakhs) and 40% is being funded by the State Governments Share (Rs.1444.20 Lakh).  Government decision no. VAPR-2013/PR.No. 30/2013 and Act section 2 dated 17.4.15 (along with finance division financial authority Act Book, 1978 section-2, sub-division-5 no.3 home building div book of laws, paragraph no. 134) the authority for miscellaneous construction as approved by administration has been permitted up to Rs 20 lakh to (1) Department head (2) Regional Office head.

Financial Year Plan (Rs in lakh) Total  Allocation for Women Police Allocation in %
    Plan Non-Plan      
2014-2015 State Action Plan 19227.8     3698.28 19.23%
  Supplementary Plan       - -
2015-2016 State Action Plan       - -
  Supplementary Plan       - -
2016-2017 State Action Plan       - -
  Supplementary Plan       - -

As per available information, there are 963 police stations in the state of Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai) out of which only 284 of them have rest rooms with toilet facilities.

This leaves 679 police stations which have not been equipped with toilets.  In the given layout, only 246 more toilets can be constructed.  Funds for the remaining 433 toilets had been requested by the Additional Director General of Police in his letter No. POMS/27-B-28-2/Rest Room Building/11/2015 to the Additional Chief Secretary on 31.1.2015.(H.3)

New Developments

No information available.