Key Facts

13.47% women in Police

0.00% of personnel vacancy in all women police stations

33.00% of reservation for women introduced in 2016



1 All Women Police Stations

Police Data

Data on police strength and administrative units has been taken from the Data on Police Organization as on 1.1.2019 published by the Bureau of Police Research and Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.  

List of tables

Rank-wise Sanctioned and Actual Strength of Police, Number of Police Units, Police-Population Ratio (Police personnel per lakh of population), Rank-wise Number and Percentage of Women in Police, Number of Police Stations and Districts headed by Women.  

a. Rank-wise sanctioned and actual strength of total police (armed + civil + district armed reserve)

No Rank Sanctioned Actual Vacancy
1 DGP/Spl DGP 0 0 0
2 Addl. DGP 0 1 -1
3 IGP 1 0 1
4 DIG 1 1 0
5 AIGP/SSP/SP/Comn 6 5 1
6 Addl. SP/Dy. Comn 6 0 6
7 ASP/DySP 29 26 3
8 Inspector 79 79 0
9 Sub-Inspector 392 392 0
10 Assistant Sub-Inspector 293 241 52
11 Head Constable 1,782 1,712 70
12 Constable 6,211 5,391 820
13 Others 0 0 0
  Total 8,800 7,848 952

b.Total number of police units

Police Unit Total Number
Police Zones 0
Police Ranges 0
Police Districts 1
Police sub-Divisions 3
Police Circles 0
Police Stations 17
Police Outposts 12

c.Police-population ratio (Police personnel per lakh of population)

  Sanctioned Actual
Civil Police 337.57 293.77
Total Police 441.99 394.17

d.Rank-wise number and percentage of women in police

No Rank Total Police (Actual) Women Police (Actual) Women Police as % of total police
1 DGP/Spl DGP 0 0 0.00%
2 Addl. DGP 1 0 0.00%
3 IGP 0 0 0.00%
4 DIG 1 0 0.00%
5 AIGP/SSP/SP/Comn 5 1 20.00%
6 Addl. SP/Dy. Comn 0 0 0.00%
7 ASP/DySP 26 2 7.69%
8 Inspector 79 17 21.52%
9 Sub-Inspector 392 9 2.30%
10 Assistant Sub-Inspector 241 9 3.73%
11 Head Constable 1712 63 3.68%
12 Constable 5391 956 17.73%
13 Others 0 0 0.00%
  Total 7,848 1,057 13.47%

e.Total number of police stations and districts headed by women

Police Units Strength
Total Police Districts 1
Districts headed by women as on 31.07.2016 (specialized police stations) (RTI) 0
Total Police Stations  
Police Stations headed by Women as on 31.07.2016 (RTI) 0

All Women Police Stations

a. Total Number of All-Women Police Stations

There is one All Women Police Station (WPS) in Chandigarh.  The Woman and Child Support Unit was declared a women police station as per Notification no. 4131-HIII (I)-2015/17719 dated 24th August 2015.

b. Rank-wise sanctioned and actual strength of police personnel in each All-Women Police Station

The strength of women in the women police station is as follows:

Sector 17
Rank Sanctioned Actual
Inspector   2
Inspector   3
ASI   4
Head Constables   16
Constables   44

c. Mandate, functions and powers

The All-Women Police Station has the jurisdiction of the entire union territory of Chandigarh.  The Standing Order No. 84/2016 provided specifically that all police stations have the power to take the cases relating to women and shall refer the same to the All-Women Police Station.

The functions and mandate of the All Women Police Station are as follows:

  • Initiate action whenever a woman victim of crime or child in need of care and protection including juvenile approaching for assistance.
  • Provide psychological and legal help to women victim, if required complaints may be sent to the Mediation Center, District Court or Punjab and Haryana High Court for counselling and reconciliation.
  • Act as a counselling center to redress matrimonial disputes and educate girls of schools, colleges and slum areas to make them aware of their rights.
  • In case woman approaches the women police station with a complaint regarding beating by husbands or in-laws requiring immediate action, the same shall be recorded in the Daily Dairy Register No 2 of the Women Police Station and refer the same to the concerned Police Station for immediate action.
  • No case can be transferred to the Women Police Station directly without order of the Senior Superintendent of Police.
  • Pursuant to the Notification as per the Standing Order no. 84/2016 detailed guidelines regarding the registration and investigation of cases has been elaborated which includes process of records, documents required, evidences collected and storing the same.
  • There is a special provision for the guidelines for domestic violence cases.

Notification No. 4131-HIII (I) -2015/17719

Date: 24.08.2015

Issued by: Chandigarh Administration Home Department, Home Secretary

d. Evaluation of All-Women Police Stations

No information has been provided by the police department regarding the evaluation of the performance of All-Women Police Station.  No attempt has been made by the police department to evaluate the performance of All-Women Police Station till date.


a. Overall percentage of reservation for women in police and the ranks to which the sanctioned reservation applies

As per the Notification no.6230-HIII (I) – 2015/17316 dated 19.08.2015 there is 33% reservation in direct recruitment for vacancies for women in the ranks of Sub inspectors in Chandigarh.  However, the notification further gives the power to the Inspector General of Police of Chandigarh to reserve additional percentage of vacancies to be filled up by women not exceeding 50% of the total vacancies under direct recruitment quota, till the desired percentage of 33% representation for women is achieved.

b. Policy for achieving the reservation percentage

No information has been provided with respect to any policy for achieving the reservation policy.



a. Existence of separate cadre for men and women

There is no separate cadre for women from the rank of DSP to Constable.

b. Induction of women in posts where direct recruitment takes place

Yes women inducted in all ranks in which direct recruitment takes place between the DSP and Constable.

c. Special outreach steps or programmes taken by the department to recruit women

The department refers to its reservation policy and allowing the IGP the discretion to reserve additional percentage of vacancies to be filled up by women.

Transfer and Posting

a. Special norms on postings and transfer exclusively for women in police at all ranks from Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable

Chandigarh Police does not have any specific norms for postings and transfer for women police personnel.  The department follows the CVC Guidelines by the Police Establishment Board, which lays down a transfer policy for police personnel from the ranks of Inspector to Constable.

b. Special norms for promotion for women in police at all ranks from Deputy Superintendent of Police to Constable

The department does not have any separate norm for promotion for women police.

Women & Child Helpdesk

a. Constitution of Women and Child Help Desks

Women and Child Help Desks have been set up in all police stations.

b. Mandate, functions and powers of Women and Child Help Desks

The Women and Child Special Unit, Home Guard Building, sector 17, provides briefly the rationale behind the establishment of specialized unit of women and child support (W&CSU) is to effectively implement laws that seek to end violence against women and give special consideration to children and juveniles who are found on both sides of the criminal justice system, shall have tasks of:

  • proper implementation of laws,
  • enable police to intervene on behalf of women and child and provided wholesome relief; 
  • counselling center for women & children who come with their problems;
  • educate and train policemen/policewomen about new laws enacted during the recent years regarding the crime against women and protection of children;
  • instruction on subjects of investigations of cases, treatment of women & children being witness and offenders;
  • drive against eve-teasing sexual harassment, exploitation of children & child labor;
  • drive against obscene literature poster hoarding etc.;
  • maintain a liaison with voluntary social organizations of city on the problem faced by women & children to take remedial steps and act as nodal office to coordinate measures towards women & children;
  • Act as nodal office to coordinate relief and rehabilitation efforts of women & children in conflict with law in ass. With concerned agencies;
  • Rape crisis intervention center and anti-human trafficking unit will also work at women & children support unit under supervision of SSP/OPS.

Further roles and responsibilities of the women cell officers is enlisted:

  • Counselling to victims and redresssal for victims, counseling of families, staff being trained for the purpose of counselling;
  • Rape crisis intervention center set up to assist the victims, supervised by women & children support unit, provides victim with psychological, social, medical, legal help through this center with objective of rehabilitation of victim and prevent further victimization in the criminal justice system from investigation to trail stage;
  • Women and child helpline for distress call, 1091 installed in  order to provide round the clock immediate necessary, assistance to women & children by women police officers;
  • Anti-human trafficking unit set up in year 2011, primarily response. To tackle with cases of human trafficking in women & children;
  • Self-defense training for women, to empower them so that they do not feel vulnerable;
  • Training under juvenile justice act, gender sensitization, domestic violence act and role of police, investigation of cases relating to women victims;
  • Family counselling center;
  • Juvenile unit, further, guidelines towards the registration, and investigation of cases, dealing with complaints of domestic violence maintenance of records registers, etc. Has been provided.

Standing order No. 84/2016

Dated: 02.03.16

Issued By: R.P. Upadhyaya, IPS Inspector General of Police.



Responses were received but had varied responses.  Sector 26 provided with an old standing order of 2005.

Central Public Information Officer, Sector 17, states no departmental notification/memorandum/ standing order/ notification has been issued laying down the mandate and powers of the Women and Child Help Desks are available.

Central Public Information Officer, Sector 34, states no departmental notification/memorandum/ standing order/ notification has been issued laying down the mandate and powers of the Women and Child Help Desks are available.

c. Rank and gender-wise strength of Women and Child Help Desks

A woman police officer in the rank of Inspector is designated to head the women and children help desk. 

The following officers are designated to look after the women and child help desks as per the Standing Order:

S. No. Rank Female Male Total
1.         Inspector 3 1 4
2.         NGOs 4 8 12
3.         Head Constables 11 12 23
4.         Constables 12 20 32
5.         Drivers   4 4
6.         Home Guard Volunteer 2 2 4


a. Training Policy for Different Ranks

Recruit training center is at sector 26 Chandigarh.  Guidelines as per Standing Order No. 25/2015 issued vide order no. 38268-87/UT-(E-1) dated 9th September 2015.

b. Joint or separate training for men and women

Recruit Training center, sector 26 conducts common training for both men and women.

c. Special facilities for women in training academies

Ladies hostels with toilets, are already in existence.  Crèche facilities are also available in Sector 26.  The training is done commonly, Gender sensitization is an integral subject of training curriculum for Basic Training Course for Recruit Constables, promotional Courses i.e. Intermediate and Upper School Courses and Refresher Courses.

d. Gender-wise break up of faculty at training institutions

S. no. Training institution name Present faculty training
    Male Female
1.        Indoor Facility 7 2
2.        Outdoor Facility 15 3
3.        Recruit training Center as Lady Hostel Warden   3

Maternity & Child Care Leave

The period of leave given to women police officers from Deputy Superintendent to Police Constable, as Maternity and Child Care Leave is as follows:

a. Maternity Leave

Rule 8.127 of Punjab Civil Service Rules, a competent authority under rule 8.23 may grant to female government employee maternity leave on full pay for a period not exceeding 180 days without the necessity of production of medical certificate.

b. Child Care Leave

Rule 8.128-b of Punjab Civil Service Rules a government female employee may be granted child care leave for a max period of 1 year during her entire service for taking care of 2 eldest surviving children, whether for rearing of to look after any of their needs such as examination, sickness and the like on production of a documentary proof.

Budget for Women Police

a. Total State Police Budget from 2013-2016

Financial Year Amount (in Rs) %increase from previous year
2013-2014 3,160,623.00  
2014-2015 3,479,114.00 10
2015-2016 3,793,946.00 9.05

b. Allocation for women from the state police budget

There is no information provided regarding building infrastructure and providing specific facilities to women such a separate toilets and restrooms.  No separate allocation specified by the Finance Department, Chandigarh Administration.

c. Allocation for women under the Modernization of Police Force Scheme

There is no provision for women under the Modernization of Police Force Scheme.


Other Guidelines for women

Standing Order 11/2016 provides for guidelines for pregnant and breast feeding Police mothers at workplace.  The guideline provides the Supervisor/In-charge of the unit to provide a supportive working environment in order the safeguard the health, safety, and welfare at workplace for pregnant, breast feeding police mothers has the responsibility to accept a reasonable solution that accommodates her and allows her to fulfill the core functions of her position, even if solution is not her preferred option.  The guidelines include to name a few:- exemption of wearing uniform, compassion in assigning duties, no rally routes be assigned, no duty with weapon, desk job duties without long sitting hours, provide long breaks for breast feeding mothers, make pregnant breast feeding mothers aware of their leaves and breaks.

New Developments

No information available.